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People Dying

Dear Dream Lady:
Over the last couple of years, at least once a month I dream of someone dying. It varies from family, to friends, to people I barely know. Most of time I haven't even had the person on my mind or in my thoughts. Can you interpret this?
--- Cecilia, Manor TX

Dear Cecilia:
Remember that most of the time, the people in your dreams represent aspects of your Self. Death in a dream is not such a bad thing, because "death" is actually the symbol for transformation and change. Therefore, these dreams about people dying tell me that you have been making many significant changes in your life and within yourself during the span of time you've been having the dreams. While sometimes we tend to resist making changes in our life, they are really very necessary. In your everyday life, I would not worry too much there being any danger of your family or friends dying, because this dream is about you and the many changes you've been making. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page


A Mouthful of Black Stuff

Dear Dream Lady:
Ever since I turned 30, I've been having a recurring dream. In this dream, this dark black stuff is coming out of my mouth. It almost looks like coffee grounds and no matter how much I try to get it out, there is more and it doesn't stop. Everytime I open my mouth, there is more coming out. Other times it is a sticky substance (not saliva) that never breaks off. I have this dream at least once a month. I'm not throwing up. I'm just trying to get it out of my mouth, but I can never seem to get it done. It keeps coming out of my mouth. --- M.H., Austin TX

Dear M.H:
This dream is related to your self-expression. Your mouth is used to express your words, thoughts, and feelings. In the dream, you are having trouble removing the black substances from your mouth. These dreams are telling you that you are having difficulty expressing something on your mind. This dream is probably an indication that there are many things that you think about saying but you don't ever say them. Journaling these things would be a great place to begin organizing your thoughts. Write out on a piece of paper or on the computer what you would like to say to someone, but have lacked the courage to actually say. Whether or not you ever tell the actual person in your waking life what you are thinking is immaterial, often times just writing out your thoughts will serve as an adequate vehicle for expression. However, the next step would be to trust yourself and speak your mind!! As you build more courage in expressing yourself, you will stop having these dreams. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Teeth Crumbling & Falling Out

Dear Dream Lady:
I dreamt that my teeth were falling out. It was a short dream and I just reached inside my mouth and pulled part of the bone out of my mouth with 3 or 4 teeth attached to it. There is no blood or pain in my dream, I am just freaked out because my teeth are coming out! --- Debbie, Kyle TX

Dear Debbie:
This is a very common dream I must say! Renember that your dreams are always significantly related to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions experienced the day or two before the dream. Teeth falling out in your dreams or any variation of this type of dream has to do with a stressful period in your life. It means that you are a bit overwhelmed with life and all that it is bringing to you. Pardon the pun, but it means that you have alot to chew on! This dream is a message to slow down, breathe, and tell yourself that you will get through this challenging period of time. --- The Dream Lady  Top of Page

Black Hairy Spider

Dear Dream Lady:
I dreamed of a big black thick haired spider. He never tried to attack me, I just remember I was afraid of him and I kept seeing his legs around the table legs of furniture and he seemed be hideing up under things and once I remember being careful going into a room because I might not see him and step on him. No one else in the dream seemed disturbed by him. --- Pat Getzinger, Austin TX

Dear Pat:
There are some exceptions to the rule, but spiders and most insects or animals represent some type of habitual or compulsive behavior, unless they are pets. This dream is telling you that you have developed a way of thinking or responding that is very compulsive and probably not too productive. This can often represent incorrect belief systems that you adopted a long time ago. For instance, feeling insecure about your abilities when in actuality you are very competent and accomplished. The feeling of insecurity, lack of esteem, or a sense of powerlessness can often stem from a behavior pattern developed in childhood. It still remains a part of your thinking process and belief system even though it is inaccurate. So my advice would be to look at what old and compulsive behaviors you are still carrying around with you that are no longer true and seek to change them. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Flirting with Ex

Dear Dream Lady:
I have been married to an absolutely wonderful man for 2 years now. Unfortunately, this is my third marriage but the third time IS a charm. Since I have been married to him, I dream about my ex-boyfriends/husbands all the time...to the point, it is driving me crazy. Sex is never involved in the dreams but, the ex and I do like each other - we flirt and such but that is all. What does this mean? --- Susan K, Lawrenceville GA

Dear Susan:
These kinds of dreams can be very disconcerting for people but I can assure you they aren't a real cause for concern. Flirting with ex-husbands or boyfriends don't usually have anything to do with wanting to be with that person or even them wanting to be with you. They certainly are not a reflection of how you feel about your current relationship. I feel that these dreams are a reflection of an unresolved issue from that past relationship. So I would think about what was not productive about the relationship with that person from the past and make sure it doesn't creep into your present relationship. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page


Finding Money

Dear Dream Lady:
I have been having recurring dreams that I find money. At first it was just pennies, then it was quarters, dollar coins, nickels, dimes. Next dream, small 1$ bills. The other night, I found $1, $5, and $10 bills on the ground in the dirt. I never count the money, I never know how much I receive before I wake up. I have been having this dream at least once a week. --- Brenda Conner, Tulsa OK

Dear Brenda:
Money dreams are great dreams to have! Money is self-value, and the fact that you are seeing more and more of it and in higher and higher denominations means that you are increasing realizing and accepting your true value and worth. Seeing the value of self is the key to all prosperity and abundance in the physical world. Congratulations and keep up the good work! --- The Dream Lady



Black Tornados

Dear Dream Lady:
I very often have dreams involving tornados. Sometimes there is only one big one in front of me and sometimes there may be four smaller ones all lined up in front of me. I am never harmed in any way and they are always black.
--- Debbie Jackson, Austin TX

Dear Debbie:
This is a very common dream that many people seem to have. Remember that all your dreams have to do with the state of your mind and consciousness just prior to having the dream. Tornados mean that you are experiencing some chaos or confusion in your life, especially the day or two leading up to the dream, indicating a time of high stress. The fact that you are never harmed means that you can easily manage the stress. Around the Christmas holidays, this is a common scenario. After the first of the year situations in your life will likely calm down. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page


Famous People

Dear Dream Lady:
For the last 25-30 years I have had dreams of famous people mostly male actors. The last few years have been more about female actors, and the last year famous couples. I am now pursing acting after retiring, something I have always been interested in, along with modeling. I have not had much luck with other dream books to help me understand. Can you please help. --- Kathy Jo, Oklahoma City OK

Dear Kathy:
When you dream about famous people, especially male, these people represent inner qualities you possess that are very, very accomplished. The fact that they are actors would tell me that you already have the inner talent to be as accomplished as they are. When you have dreams of female actors, these will be telling you that you are finally bringing those exceptional talents out into your waking life. I believe these dreams will tell you that you will have some degree of success as you pursue these aspirations. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Mother being killed

Dear Dream Lady:
A while ago I had a dream that someone was following my family and my Mother was killed. A few months later I had the same dream but a little different, I was the one being killed. What do these dreams mean? --- Jessica Turner, 12, Tulsa OK

Dear Jessica:
I can understand that you would be frightened about this dream. The main thing to keep in mind is that your dreams are mostly symbolic so what they seem on the surface may not be what they are really about. This is one of those dreams because "death" in a dream is not such a bad thing. In fact, death in a dream represents a major change in your life or your mind. Your mother (or father, grandparents, teachers, or any other authority figure) represents a very, very important part of yourself. Authority figures in your everyday life represent the deepest, innermost aspects of yourself, or what I would refer to as "superconscious". Your superconscious mind is the deepest part of yourself, the part of you that is the closest to God. It is your own inner "authority" or what some people refer to as their "conscience," that little voice inside that tells you what is right and what is wrong. At your age of 12, you are entering adolescence and coming into your own power and authority. Your Mother being killed in the dream and then you being killed, means that you are entering a very important phase of your life where you have to take greater responsibility for your actions. You are no longer a child but a young adult and you must listen to your own inner wisdom rather than buckling to peer pressure. This is really a good dream and means that you are entering womanhood.
--- The Dream Lady
  Top of Page

Stuck in traffic and then slam into car

Dear Dream Lady:
My recurring dream is that I'm stuck in traffic and then I all of a sudden look up and slam into a vehicle. I have it all the time. But I don't have injuries. --- Elaine Diaz, Pflugerville TX

Dear Elaine:
Cars normally have to do with your physical body or your physical life. Being stuck in traffic might mean that you feel like you should do more with your body. For instance, have you been procrastinating about getting more exercise? Then slamming into a vehicle would tell me that it is very important for your health that you go ahead and make a plan and follow through. A car wreck could mean that you may have an upcoming illness or malfunction with your body. Since this is a recurring dream, this means that this is a recurring scenario in your life. Please let me know if this dream makes any sense and if you can relate to it. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page


Dear Dream Lady:
Someone keeps falling continuously from somewhere and just before he hits the ground I wake up every time. --- Aditya Venkat, Dallas TX

Dear Aditya:
Falling in your dreams means that you feel out of control with some (or many) aspects of your life. This may or may not be true, but it is your perception --- you feel that there are things out of your control. Ask yourself if you are making the necessary choices in your life to feel in control of what is occurring. Sometimes we feel that we are victims in our own life, however it is only a manifestation of NOT making choices and following through. So the next time you have this dream, look at the day before the dream and ask yourself what choice could you have made that you avoided making. --- The Dream Lady   Top of Page


Pulling weeds out of leg

Dear Dream Lady:
I dreamed that I was pulling weeds with roots out of my leg. After I pulled all of the weeds out, there was a plant that I tried to put back in a hole in the ground that had water. There was too much water in the hole for the plant. Does this mean that I'm trying to get "unstuck"? --- Carlos Emami, Katy TX

Dear Carlos:
Congratulations, I think you are right on track with what this dream means! Weeds are probably your doubts and fears. Your legs have to do with how you move forward in your life. Pulling the weeds out by the roots would mean that you are completely eliminating them (the doubts & fears) and thus more able to move forward with your goals in life. Trying to place a plant in a hole but there being too much water would mean that as a result of getting rid of your doubts and fears, you are finding that there are a great deal more experiences now available to you. This is a confirmation dream Carlos, affirmation that you have recently made some productive changes in your life and now ready to move forward with new experiences. --- The Dream Lady



Getting married to faceless groom

Dear Dream Lady:
A few years ago I had a dream that I was getting married. I can remember the dress, the church, just about everything. The weird part of the dream was that the groom was faceless, his face blurred out. I remember my Dad giving me away to this groom. In real life I have never been married.
--- Camille Shaw, Austin TX

Dear Camille:
This is really a pretty good dream to have. When you get married in a dream, it has to do with commitment, but not necessarily to an actual person. We make commitments to jobs, tasks, to new ways of being and living in the world. Someone of the opposite sex represents an inner aspect of Self, a subconscious quality of yourself. Your Dad represents the deepest part of yourself, which is the Superconscious Mind. This part of the mind is the part of you that is the closest to God, or that divine core within you. So in summary, this dream is saying that you are in the midst of making a very important, inner commitment to yourself, but you are unsure exactly what you are committing to. Since your Father gave you away, this means that the commitment is a very important, perhaps a spiritual commitment you are making to yourself.
---The Dream Lady  
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Virtual reality gone bad

Dear Dream Lady:
This is a dream I had several years ago when I read some predictions of the end of the world. I was also about a year out from a divorce, worked as a flight attendant and was in a quandry as to what to do with my life. In the dream I was standing in my parent's living room next to the picture window. A man gave me "virtual reality" head gear to put on. He told me to look out the window, and if I floated up I would be "saved". (Which is a strange word to use since I was raised Catholic). So, I looked out the window and saw people walking around and nothing happened. Then, I barely started to float up until I dropped flat on my face! The man lifted me up, took my head gear and solemnly said, "Sorry, you didn't make it". I begged him to let me try it again, but he said I only had one chance and I didn't make it. ---JoAnn Charette, Round Rock TX

Dear JoAnn:
Since this dream occurred during a time when you felt confused about what to do with your life, I believe it is about that very thing. Virtual Reality head gear would give you the ability to see into the future to some extent. Being able to float up would give you a broader perspective of your past and your future. I believe this dream had to do with you putting too much pressure on yourself to determine where you would go at that particular crossroads in your life. I believe that perhaps you felt like there was only "one chance" to get it right, and you wanted to make sure you made the absolute most correct choice. The message here is that there is not just one "correct" choice out there to make regarding your future, and we aren't doomed if we don't make that one choice. Life is filled with many correct choices that all create different outcomes. This dream was telling you that you were putting too much stress on yourself to make the correct choice. Trust yourself, and if you aren't sure about the choice before you, be patient and sooner or later more information will be revealed that will help you to make the next choice.  ---The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Loved ones from the other side

Dear Dream Lady:
For the last month I've been dreaming of loved ones who have passed away. I see them alive, sometimes well, sometimes very ill. Last night I dreamt of my best friend, Marlena, who died about 6 years ago of cancer. In my dream, we were at her house - I think we were either in her kitchen or her dining room because I was sitting at a table and she was standing by what may have been a counter or china cabinet. She was very thin and was missing her right breast (which in real life was her first surgery). When I woke up I felt like we had spent some "quality" time together although I felt sad that she was gone. I did not feel sad in my dream. In my dream I seemed aware that Marlena was a little melancholy. I wonder if this dream is a premonition because about two weeks ago, I dreamt of my grandmother who has been deceased for about 15 years. She was laying in something that appeared to be a coffin but was not. She had her arms crossed at her stomach - as you often see people laid in their coffins, and her long salt & pepper hair came down around her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and she had no expression on her face. I could see her breathing but in my dream I knew that she was very ill and was going to die. Could this dream have been a premonition? My Aunt Dora, her daughter, passed away last week.  ---Alice Whistler, League City TX

Dear Alice:
I personally believe you were actually having a conversation with your friend, Marlena. Where we go when we die, the "other side," is also where we go in the subconscious when we dream. To be able to converse with a dear friend or loved one after they have passed over is truly a wonderful experience. I've had many of those experiences myself, and I do treasure them. These dreams tell us that the soul is truly immortal and everlasting. The next part of the dream where you saw your grandmother in a coffin could possibly be precognitive, especially since her daughter Dora passed away shortly thereafter. But of course, before you make any assumptions about a dream being a premonition, it is always wise to consider the symbolic interpretation. Symbolically, your grandmother represents your Superconscious mind, the deepest part of your self that is connected to a higher source. Death represents a major change or transformation. So it is entirely possible that you're in the middle of making some very big changes in your life regarding your own inner authority. Are you becoming more self-assured and confident about your decisions? This aspect of the dream could mean that you are actually becoming more in-tune with your inner self. If this is true, then you should be congratulated.   ---The Dream Lady  Top of Page

Lots of money

Dear Dream Lady:
I have a recurring dream that I have lots of money, and I alternate between traveling and enjoying the trip with my whole family. Or I redecorate the house or buy new vehicles. My husband and I are everyday workers, we are both nurses. Sometimes we go through ups and downs financially, but I have not noticed that the dreams come when we are having a difficult period, the dream has been coming to me for about 4 years. I am not sure why???   --- Maria Ethredge, Austin TX

Dear Maria:
I wish I would hear more dreams like yours! Dreams with money have to do with self-value. Lots of money means that you have a great deal of self-value. This is a good thing and you apparently have done some good work on yourself. Of course it could be precognitive and could mean that you are about to come into a lot of money! Either interpretation is desirable. Redecorating your house means that you see value in learning new things. Buying new cars means that you see value in your physical experiences. All in all, these are very good dreams to have. I would highly recommend that you investigate our Mind, Body, & Spirit courses we offer in Austin. ---The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Suspicious of daughter

Dear Dream Lady:
I saw my youngest daughter leaving to get into her car against my wishes but her dad must have given in to her. I'm standing up in a yard and watch her drive past me. As she takes the bend I see her light up a cigarette. I "blow up" and take off after her, catch up to her (I outrun the car?!), and grab her through the open window. I can feel the anger as I pull her from her seat through the open window (am I superman??). My anger is really blowing up now as I hear her say "Mom I won't do it again, I promise", I punch her a couple of times in the face. My husband at this point wakes me up as I was really punching my pillow! FYI My daughter did have her driving privilege taken away a month ago; she's never smoked nor does she want to.
---A. Krause, Houston TX

Dear A.K:
I feel this dream may be about your fears. I am concerned that you might be focusing too much on what you are afraid your daughter might do (worst case scenario). Relax … take some deep breaths and let your daughter prove that she is trustworthy and reliable. Punching her in the face in the dream is not healthy, and indicates that you have too much energy bottled up regarding your need to control her actions. You will gain more from her actions by trusting her than from being suspicious all the time.   ---The Dream Lady




Being pulled under water

Dear Dream Lady:
I was swimming in a lake and the water was dark, but then somehow I went under or something pulled me under.  As I went under water, the water was clear.  Thatís all I remember.  ---G.R.,  Houston

Dear G.R:
Remember that your dreams are always a reflection of what has been going on in your life just prior to having the dream.  You submitted the dream to me on October 9th, so you will want to think about what all was occurring in your life in or around that time.  This dream is saying that you were feeling overwhelmed with some experiences in your life. These could be at work or in your personal life. Being pulled under water, could mean that you felt you had no real choice in the matter.  At first the water was dark, which meant that the situation was ďunclearĒ at first, but then the water became clear, meant you were able to gain more clarity after you got more involved.  In summary, this means that something new was occurring that was a little overwhelming, and then it became more clear after you became immersed in the situation.  Good job!  ---The Dream Lady    Top of Page

Floating away

Dear Dream Lady:
I have recurring dreams that I can fly or float away from things.  When Iím in the air flying, itís really like Iím swimming.  Most of the time I am getting away from something that is after me.  I also dream that I can move objects with my mind.  I like this feeling.  ---Donna Wurst, Buda

Dear Donna:
These are very cool dreams that tell me you are a very exceptional woman, and probably very intuitive in your own right. Flying in dreams has a good meaning except if you take off flying to avoid some situation. In this case, the dream is saying that you are avoiding something that you need to face.  If you just fly or float around and not because you are trying to escape something, then the dream is saying that you were experiencing attitudes of optimism and limitlessness. Being able to move things in your dreams is also a good sign and means that you can easily move around in this physical world and donít see there is anything that would restrict you.  These are very good dreams to have and indicate that you should investigate more about your own subconscious mind, like take some of our classes or work more with your dreams, learn meditation, or something along these lines.  You will find that the time will be well-spent and you will gain much awareness.  ---The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Someone trying to kill me

Dear Dream Lady:
I have recurring dreams that someone or something is chasing me, someone is attacking me, or someone is trying to kill me.  I feel this overwhelming sense of death around.  These dreams are so real. Many times I wake up from the dream and sit on the edge of the bed and think about the dream.  Other times I jump out of bed and try to run.  I fell off the bed once trying to escape my attacker. I have even attacked my husband while trying to defend myself.  I have even hurt myself trying to get away, and this is the second time.  Lately Iíve been having more of these dreams.  ---O.A.,   Austin

Dear O.A:
Since this is a recurring scenario, this means that you really need to understand what this dream means, or you will continue to have the dream until you do.  Everyone in the dream is an aspect of yourself, so that means there is something inside of you that you are running from.  Since these dreams are becoming more and more violent and you are hurting yourself trying to escape the dream, it is very important that you address something within yourself that you are avoiding.  Deep inside you know what this is. Face up to this situation in your life, address it, and decide what you are going to do about it.  There is some kind of change you need to make in your life.  Donít be afraid, go ahead and do it!  ---The Dream Lady  
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Music in my dream

Dear Dream Lady:
About twice a week I dream music.  It comes in different forms and different songs but sometimes I dream of songs Iíve never heard before.  Music has always been a large part of my life and Iíve been in choirs and variety shows.  Why do I dream of songs that Iíve never heard before?  ---Cindi Seelig,   Austin

Dear Cindi:
These are great dreams to have and mean that you are living your life very harmoniously.  Music is the symbol for harmony.  If you are dreaming of songs youíve never heard before, perhaps your subconscious mind is giving you a hint that you should be writing your own songs.  If I were you, I would put a notebook by the side of the bed, and commit to writing down whatever music or lyrics you wake up with.  Who knows --- you could come up with a Grammy winning song! ---The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Secrets of universe revealed

Dear Dream Lady:
Iím suddenly sitting at the head of a large oval table in a dimly lit room with no other furnishings.  There are others sitting around the table, although I cannot see them with my eyes, I see them with my mind. They are there to share with me secrets of the universe and are each simultaneously speaking with me so quickly from each side of the table it is difficult for me to digest everything they are saying.  Then a perfect white light comes down slowly toward the center of the table where there is a clear, pyramid shaped sphere.  When the perfect white light touches the sphere, laser type lights with vivid colors shoot out from the sphere which made everything they had told me melt into my brain.  ---Cherie Akiva,   Austin

Dear Cherie:
Wow what a cool dream!  Iím envious, and thatís not easy for me to say.  This is not just a cool dream but a very significant dream. You have received some spiritual information from your superconscious mind.  The superconscious mind is the part of yourself that is the most connected with God. The white light is indicating the purity of this knowledge.  The pyramid shaped sphere has to do with inner, spiritual power that you now possess.  The laser lights and colors that shot down to ďmeltĒ everything into your brain means that this knowledge is solidified, its yours forever.  I would call this a heavenly hit! You have been imparted with some very special spiritual knowledge, whether you know it or not.  This information is worth your investigation.  You should email me regarding this information and get into our classes as soon as you can.  You must not waste your gifts!   ---The Dream Lady



Losing my truck

Dear Dream Lady:
I was on a date with a man that I dated 4 years ago. We were on a date and two other men were with us. I didn't know the men. First we went to a hotel and were in what appeared to be the executive suite. We're there and then we're not there. And then I'm with three female friends in the suite and we are clearly upset about something the men have done. They left me somewhere. It's a beautiful suite with many detailed things. I was enamored with the bathroom because it had separate stalls and little drawers and special places for things. At one point I'm hiding in one of the closets, but I don't know why. Then the scene switched to me walking home. On my way I ran into a lady that I work with that was walking barefoot which I thought was so strange. Then I was driving back to the hotel and stopped in front of the hotel and went to look for the valet attendant. The next thing I know I'm looking back and my truck is rolling out of the driveway across the street into a large pond that seems to be part of a water park. Then I'm over at the water park trying to get my truck. I see them pulling it out of the pond with a wrecker, but when they take me to where they have it, they show me two different trucks, the same color as mine, but clearly not my truck. Then I'm riding with Mike (the ex-boyfriend) and he is telling me that he is taking me this underground place to work and that he needs 6 more women. He apologizes and says he had to do it. I asked him if that means I can't go home and he says yes. Then I'm wandering around in this underground place looking for something. He disappeared. Then I'm in a bar and ask if they know where Mike is and they point behind me. I turn around and he is sitting at a table with four men (two from the date). I go to sit down and another man walks up and says "that's my seat". So I walk around the table to sit by Mike and he says "no, that's for that other woman that I'm with". Then he waves a strange mechanical looking hand over a little black box on the table and says to the waiter "put anything she wants on my tab". I wander off down the hallway and then I'm in the car with Mike again. He points off to the distance and says there's your truck - and there it is. Then he says something that I can't remember and I look at him strangely and he says "you know this is not the first time that I have felt sorry for you because you are so stupid". --- M.B.

Dear M.B:
Regarding the dream you submitted several weeks ago, sorry it has taken so long, but I have had hundreds to interpret and it has been very challenging. Your dream was about your need to take care of your body and your health better than you are (or at least during the time you had the dream). Losing your truck was about losing touch with your body. Wandering around underground means that it is an "unconscious" process of not taking care of your health. This means you need to be more aware of when your body needs attention. Being in the bar with Mike and him saying you could have anything you wanted, meant that your subconscious mind (inner self) is willing to help you. Him saying what he did at the end of the dream has to do with YOU being overly critical of yourself. So lighten up on yourself and take better care of your health and your physical body. Let me know if any of this makes any sense and if it relates to anything you can think of. --- Dream Lady  

Dear Dream Lady:
Thanks so much for your interpretation, it is soooo true! My mother got very ill in December and since then I have been caring for her. So I have a day job (Assistant to the CEO) and a night job (mom and home), both huge responsibilities. Although I've always been a drinker for a long time, I had been drinking more and more to help cope with the situation. I had recently gone to my doctor and told him I was in trouble. He put me on an anti-depressant and told me to quit drinking so much. Though the anti-depressant made a huge difference, I was going through a time when I was trying to cut down and was vacillating back and forth between drinking little and too much. I was very concerned about myself. Thanks for your help, now I know what that dream meant. --- M.B.  
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Deceased Father and Nicholas Cage

Dear Dream Lady:
First of all, I watched Prime Time last night and saw Gweneth Paltrow talk about the death of her Father last year. She was very distraught over his death. It made me sad about my own fatherís death. I then had a dream about myself and Nicolas Cage. Donít know why, but in the room sitting on the side of the dresser was my Father who has been dead for 10 years. He just looked at me with those dead black eyes. What does this dream mean? I have not dreamed of him for many years, is he trying to contact me? ---Patricia

Dear Patricia:
I think it is entirely possible that he is trying to contact you. Especially since you were just reminded of him from the PRIME TIME show. He may not have spoken to you in the dream because he did not want to scare you. So he just appeared so you could get used to the idea. So if you are open to that possibility (which I do encourage) then be receptive and even before you go to sleep, mentally tell your dad that you would like to have communication with him. On the other side, they are very receptive to this contact, but will not intrude in your life if you don't want them to. I have had lots of communication over the past 20 years from my deceased husband.

Now Ö the other way to look at this, which is not in lieu of the above, but in addi-tion to, is the more symbolic interpretation. Your father represents your super-conscious Mind, the deepest part of your Self. Nick Cage would represent a very creative part of yourself. So, ask yourself --- Is there a creative part of yourself that is dead? ---Dream Lady   Top of Page

Rotten baby dream

Dear Dream Lady:
I was with My Uncle and Aunt and my Aunt was carrying a baby but this baby was dead because it had worms along the ears and it smelled really bad. Then she was trying to make me carry the baby and I didn't want to so I ran and ran. She kept following me trying to give me this baby and I told her no that the baby was dead and she should bury the baby. She responded that this baby was so cute and loving and it wasn't dead. I cannot forget this dream because it felt so real and the smell of this baby was horrible. ---Erika V.

Dear Erika:
These types of dreams can leave a horrible feeling if taken literally. Keep in mind, it is just your Subconscious (inner self) stirring your emotions so you have a better chance of remembering the dream. This dream is about a new idea that you are struggling with. Your Aunt represents a familiar and probably authoritative aspect of yourself. The baby symbolizes a new idea. The baby (new idea) decaying with worms tells us that you havenít given this new idea much attention lately. Having worms in the ears means that you are not listening to yourself. You have a really wonderful idea that you are not giving attention to, what is it?? What new idea are you refusing to give life to? ---The Dream Lady   Top of Page

Snake biting people

Dear Dream Lady:
I dreamed of a snake caught in the cracks of a sidewalk, trying to strike people as they walked by. ---Janie Ciancia

Dear Janie:
This is a great dream! Snakes are the symbol for inner wisdom or healing. To have wisdom or healing attempt to connect with you as you are walking along your path can be a beneficial thing. Take a look at your attitudes and experiences within the previous 24-48 hours of the dream. What pearls of wisdom have you passed on and been slightly surprised at the ease of communicating? How have you followed your intuition? Have you recently been aware of healing old hurts or wounds? You are a very wise person but you donít know it! ---The Dream Lady










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